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Upcycle Crew Members are considered as leaders in the upcycle movement. Crew members are formed from large corporations, mid-sized businesses, Etsy Shop owners, and people that upcycle as a hobby.

Upcycle Crew members share a common purpose, which is to take things that served a purpose in one form and re-purpose it to form something new. Crew members possess the same re-purpose, reuse mentality.

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John Avarino
John AvarinoUpcycle Crew Founder
I want to grow the upcycle movement in North America. My hope is to raise awareness for entrepreneurs that specialize in upcycling.
Jack Fouracre
Jack FouracreSon of a Woodcutter
I was always surrounded by wood, carpentry and true craftsmanship, an aspect of my childhood I never thought I would miss so much.
Kailey Munoz
Kailey MunozEarth Entwine
Making decor for weddings, nurseries, homes, birthday parties, etc, is something I take great pride in.
Sally Haferman
Sally Hafermanluvbudd
LUV Buddies were born from used sweaters that were knit by my grandmother and great grandmother in Australia.