Picture of a woman holding an R.Riveter handmade bag

Now this is what I’m talking about! R.Riveter was born out of passion and a need to solve a problem. Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse are the founders of this awesome company that creates handmade bags straight out of America. But, this isn’t the awesome juice these ladies have squeezed into a full glass of awesomeness.

I came across R.Riveter while watching Shark Tank and learned how special these bags are. Not only are they handmade in the ole U.S. of America, but their “Limited Edition handbags are made from authentic military materials including retired uniforms, canvas shelter halves, tent liners and even wool blankets. Their journey through history means each bag has its own story to tell – no two are alike. This makes the collection extremely rare and specific styles even more limited”.

To get a full understanding on how awesome these bags are, they are all currently sold out, my apologies for letting you down, but you can get notified once these bags are available. Oh, and did I mention that these bags are handmade by multiple military wives. That’s right, Lisa and Cameron have created a business that keep traveling military wives employed – meet the Riveter “crew”. Each military wife is located at different military bases across America and contributes to manufacturing a piece of the bag. After all pieces are completed, they are shipped to R.Riveter for final assembly.

Learn more about R.Riveter and their manufacturing process by visiting www.rriveter.com