Mary Jean rolled up letters

Mary Jean is the real deal. She is rolling it up everyday and getting a massive high from it. Her rolling skills are as tight as they come. COME ON! Get your head out of the gutter! I said Mary Jean, not Mary Jane… get with the program people! Mary Jean is one of the most passionate upcyclers I have been in contact with. She considers herself as an Upcycle Artist of paper and plastic.

Mary Jean creates outstanding pieces of art from upcycled magazine pages, catalogs, junk mail (she’ll accept your junk mail), lottery tickets (only if it is not a winning ticket), dinner receipts, gift wrap, used toilet paper (lol, ok, maybe not used) and transforms them into sculptural vases, 3D letters, party garland, waste paper basket. All items are hand-made by Mary, and they are truly one of a kind! Mary’s current obsession is scavenging for all kinds of paper to create paper art on canvas, and sculptural objects from magazines and other colorful paper. 

Vase made from rolled up paper

Vase made from rolled up paper.

Moving from paper to recycled water bottles. All of Mary’s flowers are made from recycled water bottles, that resemble glass or hard candy in the light! They are hand colored, hand cut, and each set of petals is custom melted to fit each flower.

Flowers made from plastic water bottles

Flowers made from plastic water bottles

Please feel free to contact Mary Jean with any questions or suggestions you may have. If you are interested in an item that has been sold, please let her know and she will try to customize a one of a kind item for you.