Lisa and I recently purchased a Malcolm & Hill antique dresser from Chrissy’s Collections that is absolutely stunning. Malcolm & Hill manufactured furniture out of the Boehmer Box building in Kitchener Ontario. The building was built by Daniel Hibner (D. Hibner Furniture) in 1896 that operated until 1920. Furniture company Malcolm & Hill Ltd. operated in the building from 1920 to 1933. I would imagine the dresser was built during this time as I cannot find any history on Malcolm & Hill after 1933.

The picture below shows what the dresser looked like before Christene & Glen Cunningham sunk their teeth into this bad boy.

Antique dresser before picture.

Original Malcolm & Hill Antique Dresser : Before Restoration


The Cunninghams. What a talented dynamic duo! Chrissy and Glen Cunningham took this 1920’s to 1930’s dresser and turned it into an absolutely stunning piece. I would recommend following Chrissy’s Collection on Facebook to keep up with her latest creation. They specialize in custom hand painted furniture & refurbishing. And if you’re into ol’skool stereo systems, turn tables, speakers, then reach out to Glen – he might be hiding Run-DMC in his basement too.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Did you see the ol’skool turntables :30 sec into the video? Boys and girls, the round black discs are called records. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this trip back to the 80’s.

Ok, without further delay, I guess you want to see what this dresser looks like after some TLC. Check this out!


Original Malcolm & Hill Antique Dresser : After Restoration… Boom!


Amazing! Isn’t it? We are really happy with this piece that’s currently in our bedroom. Here is Christene giving a brief tutorial on the tools required to chalk paint furniture.