About Upcycle Crew

Upcycle Crew is a community of upcyclers that inspire, collaborate, and share creative upcycling ideas and projects. There are lots of talented people that have embraced the practice of upcycling. These people have turned their practice into big business or as a hobby.

This website is designed to bring passionate upcyclers together to form the largest upcycling community that share the same passion. It is also designed to help people promote their upcycled items. Upcycle Crew has partnered with Etsy to help promote shop owners that focus on upcycled material. Some of the most talented upcyclers have turned their passion into an online business with Etsy. If you are interested in starting your own Etsy Shop, Lauren Weisenthal wrote 7 Steps to a Successful Start on Etsy for you to begin your journey.

Upcyclecrew.com is also designed to help other websites (focused on upcycled material) promote their business or service. upcyclecrew.com is the perfect channel to post content about your business or service. By becoming an Upcycle Crew Member, you’ll have the ability to post content about your business in our blog. You’ll be able to create links back to your website.

In future, depending on the success of upcyclecrew.com, banner ads might be offered as an addition media buy. For now, let’s keep it simple.

To bring the best upcyclers together, working together, and sharing ideas.
To create a community of upcyclers
To raise awareness of upcycling.
To change peoples garbage habits.
To unify the Upcycle Community.
Upcycle Crew Members are considered as leaders in the upcycle movement. Crew members are formed by large corporations, mid-sized businesses, Etsy Shop owners, and people that upcycle as part of their everyday life.

Upcycle Crew members share a common purpose, which is to take things that served a purpose in one form and re-purpose it to form something new. Crew members possess the same re-purpose, reuse mentality.

Crew Members will be formed by:

  • Etsy Shop Owners
  • Companies that recycle material
  • Companies that sell upcycled products
  • Upcycle bloggers
  • Second hand companies
  • Hobbyist

Here is a list of potential crew members that fit this profile:

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